Industrial Opportunities Evaluation System (AIOES)

It is an innovation system to make deep assessments for the industrial opportunities on all axis's (technical, market and financial), then select the best opportunity which matching the project sponsor investment environment and in alignment of the market situation. 

Industrial Projects Development System (AIPDS)

Adopting this pioneer system, the company is developing its industrial project, and this comprehensive and dynamic interfacing system include multi functions built based on an invented philosophy and procedures, beginning from the technologies and production line assessments to select the best technology and process equipment, then the system can analyze the trip of the raw material until getting the final products, so, this analysis coming up with high accurate estimations for the project input requirements such as  raw materials, power, manpower (direct & indirect), water, areas (Spaces), safety requirements , general utilities, waste, losses, maintenance, spare part, transportations, handling, trips, logistics….etc. 

 This system combined with an automated quality control system to check all the data and result for more accurate estimations, and it’s smart enough to predict the project requirements based on rich data base and lessons learned which are built in the system.

     This system outputs are high standard technical and financial estimations, a unique risk mitigation system for the project, also the system can deliver us the project well estimated fixed capital and working capital and all other financial figures.

The system strength point is we can estimate the project result based on different scenarios and select which is the best one to proceed for the implementation phase.

    This system mainly built for the company own use as an industrial project developer and because of the need of such system to help the organizations or companies to develop their industrial projects the company planning to release this system for the market. 

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