Implementation of Industrial Projects

1. Supervising & Management the Implementation of Industrial Projects

  1. Overseeing the initial drawings of the buildings needed for the project and spaces which had been prepared by the contractor and supervise the distribution of the machines and production lines at the site and its energy needs and supervise the implementation of schemes based on what the equipment manufacturer.

  2. Overseeing the contract with the manufacturer of the machines and production lines .

  3. Supervision of machines and production lines manufacturing process to ensure compliance with the specifications and quality assurance .

  4. Supervise the receipt of machines and production lines in the manufacturer's site and receive at the client site .

  5. Supervision on shipping and customs clearance and internal shipping process.

  6. Supervise the download machinery and arrange them in place according to the charts.

  7. Supervise the assembly of machinery before Engineering and technicians manufacturer.

  8. To oversee the trial run.

  9. Supervise the training of cadres of production and maintenance by Engineering and technicians manufacturer.

  10. overseeing the operation of machinery for commercial production

  11. delivery of the project and related documents such as catalogs and guarantees , charts and project closure.

2. Spare Parts Management

Inventory occupies a very important part of managers concerns, particularly in the industrial plants where is the ear vital artery feeds the production lines, and without this artery production wheel stop, and that the stock represents a assets and asset elements with high costs in many companies, especially industrial ones, where up in some of them to more than 50% of the invested capital and the threat that the burden on the costs.
Perhaps one of the more departments aware of this fact is the management of production processes, so we find the extent of the focus of this administration on effective inventory control in order to reduce costs, by reducing inventory levels without risking the interruption of production processes due to stock-outs, by achieving a balance between levels investment in inventories and consumer services, and here we see that there is an urgent need for an effective management of inventory.

The concept and the importance of managing the stores:

Is the storage function of important functions exercised by the industrial and commercial enterprises and service alike, but occupies the largest in the industrial establishments importance for being the impact on industrial processes directly by the impact, and the inventory value constitute a large and important proportion of the investment costs, on the other hand, storage function is the function of providing services to all the other functions of the institution.

The storage activity begins where it ends purchasing activity, which reflect the storage function for "activity, which shall preserve the stored items (raw materials and finished goods and parts of semi-manufactured products and spare parts) the same characteristics that have entered it to the stores and secure the flow of such items to the requesting parties according to their needs and the time of need, through appropriate policies and procedures to adopt to achieve it and the adoption of appropriate planning and achieve effective inventory control. "

3. Continuous Supervision on Operation of the Industrial Projects

Supervision is the art of working with a group of people exercising their supervisor authority in a way that maximum efficiency in the performance of work. Supervision and checks to the fullest in an atmosphere filled with good intentions and serious cooperation on the part of individual subscribers, including the supervisor of course. Supervision of the most difficult arts may be because he needs to use the principles of human relations that unproven with most people more often successful and innate manner.

For the purpose of providing the highest degree of accuracy and confidence of the investor in the success of the project in the future and after the trial run successful period, Alokab company can have at the request of the investor to provide continuous supervision of the production processes for administrative service project through counseling and advice adequate for the development of production and resolve the obstacles and dilemmas faced by the project in any of its divisions productivity and management as well as for the purpose of product development, expand and provide alternatives to raw materials and other developmental things

4. Providing of Speslize specialized Human Resources for our Clients

The concept of human resources is a space cognitive and applied a novel, or can be considered a new concept for "traditional" human resources, where are the most important success factors and contemporary institutions referred to in many cases human capital Personnel. And studies indicating that companies that have made significant and tangible success in its field to the companies that manage human resources, which attaches great importance to developing the existing human resources and manage optimally have been conducted. Human resources are concerned with all activities aimed at "people development" and which in turn paves the way for the success of the company.

Of the most important functions of human resources are the management staff movements, Whether to inside - from recruitment or upgrade- or abroad, such as retirement, so be on the human resources manager that knows how to have a good to get the human resources, and how can the distribution of human resources within the company and abroad.

A look to the future in the world of organizations and institutions requires the use of strategic planning and human resources as a tool to read and look to the future in terms of it one of the pillars of the administrative system, which culminate in the successful path of the institution and a cornerstone of the main indicator of progress.

 Alokab company, offering a new and unique service of providing human resources, industrial technical and administrative trained and specialized needs of our customers in their factories and their projects through a huge database compiled by the company on a dedicated site on the net base, it includes a large number of resumes and information related to those cadres after filtered and studied by the company and the adoption of the right ones.

5. Build & Manage Supply Chain

Supply chain is the system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources needed to move products or services from suppliers to customers. Activities of the supply chain that converts natural resources and raw materials and components to the final product that is delivered to the end customer through advanced systems.
There are three main parts of the supply chain:

  • Supply: and focuses on the raw materials that supply the manufacturer, including how, when and where.

  • Manufacturing: it focuses on converting raw materials to finished goods.

  • Distribution: it focuses on ensuring that these products reach consumers through a network of distributors and stores and retailers.

To ensure that the supply chain works efficiently as possible and to generate the highest level of customer satisfaction at the lowest cost, the company is working to build and manage a smooth entire supply (raw materials, production lines and machines, and packaging, .. etc) and management to ensure the continued operation of the project and to ensure the provision of materials appropriate raw and at affordable prices to reduce costs .orf competitiveness.

6. Industrial Training (Technical & Administrative)

Training is of great importance in the times in which we live. The scientific and technological development is so fast that we constantly need to learn new skills and science. There is no clearer example of months or from your computer quick and developments so new that we need to learn in this area probably every week. Look at the evolution of Administrative Sciences and the impact of globalization on management concepts. In the industry, we find that technological development makes us obliged to use sophisticated equipment and therefore we need to we train them.

But training is not only to science and knowledge and modern techniques associated with training, but has other reasons. The most important of these reasons to strengthen our weaknesses, or the employees of an organization and less of their competence to perform their work. The origin of these weaknesses may be poor
education, or the difference between education and work requirements or change career path. Many of us when life begins the process discovers that he was not aware of the reports do not have to work to organize meetings and labor laws and the methods of analysis problems. Therefore, there is a lot of weaknesses that we need to strengthen training. Often see managers mock the skills of new graduates and are content to talk about the weakness of their level and style of this building is and is not respectable. If we tried to train them, we may discover that they have a great capacity and will benefit a lot of work and will have a lot of loyalty to the institution that gave them training opportunities as well as have a lot of appreciation for their managers who were interested Pettmnah skills.

Preparing training programs is one of the distinctive services offered by the company punishment for industrial development and, in particular, it offers to investors in the new industries which will be held based on the punishment company studies and in areas that relate to the following cadres:


  1. Investors and managers for the purpose of investment leadership successfully.

  2. Artistic and productive staff in projects for the purpose of training on production and adherence to specifications and maintenance work.

  3. Industrial administrative staff.


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