How to start your own industry project

Many questions revolve in the mind of thinking to break into the world of industrial investment - or other - which may take questions from the investor a great deal of his mind, and time, and effort before reaching a final decision to go to invest in a particular area, and in a particular industry.

Feasibility Study for your industrial project

Is a study carried out by the idea of a new project to study the possibility of the application of the project and its success, and describes the feasibility study required investments and the expected return and external influences Alyalparwa such as state laws and competition and technological development, information gathering and Albeanatalosasah related to the economy in general and the project in particular, and include data Allazmabashkl essential costs and input prices, materialsinitial, intermediate and assistance, water, electricity, energy, workers' wages, sources of funding, land costs and buildings, Almaadatallazma and other fixed assets.

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Cost of Industry in KSA

The rates of land and basic services as electricity, water and energy in the industrial cities are supportive for industrial investment, starting with electricity from 10 halalas per kilowatt, and rate of water for industrial use from 1.7 riyals per cubic meter, while the rates of fuel oil from 12.5 halalas per liter. Annual land rrents start from SR 1 per square meter. 

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